Strange how there are so many really bad disaster movies around. “Meteor Apocalypse” ranks right up there with the bad ones.

Initially, I had no expectations to the movie, and rightly so, otherwise I would be sorely disappointed.

The story of this movie is ridiculous and often incoherent. There are so many things and scenes that does not make sense and just makes go “alrighty then…” I am sure the director meant well enough with his movie, but it just didn’t come together as a greater unity. “Meteor Apocalypse” was doomed right from the very first minute, already there it was incoherent and downright stupid.

The CGI effects in “Meteor Apocalypse” are bad, though not the worst I have seen, so that got to count for some, at least.

Some might find it enjoyable if you got nothing better to do, and just want some mindless way to pass an hour and a half. Expect nothing from this movie, and disable your brain if you are going to watch this movie.

The plus in this movie is that not all of the acting is all that crappy.

Sad that so many disaster movies are well-intended, but fail to deliver.